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Indiana Foodways Alliance™ Helps Foodies and Travelers Find the Best Local Eateries

Since 2007 the Alliance has promoted restaurant trails winding throughout the state that are devoted to certain foods. The organization lists restaurants that serve a specific type of food, lines them up on the map by location, and encourages people to follow the trail, eating their way along. Membership requires restaurants to be locally-owned, and approved through assessments that confirm a level of quality.

Whether pies. tenderloins or ice cream are your go-to food, or something else. there is likely a trail for it. Following a food trail is a fun way to discover new-to-you establishments, taste some of the most scrumptious food and drinks around. and get motivated to explore different communities. Currently, more than 220 member food-and beverage-places in Indiana have been divided into 21 trails. The Hoosier Pie Trail, Tenderloin Lovers Trail, and Sweet Temptations Trail are most popular, and several have won awards. In 2018 the Tenderloin Lovers Trail was ranked 7th in “10 Best Food & Drink Trails in America” by PopSugar. USA Today’s “Best Food Trails in America” ranked the Hoosier Pie Trail ‘” 4th place in 2015 (beating out Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail). among many other awards the trails have won.

IFA is a nonprofit run by a volunteer board of directors and trail membership continues to grow. Restaurant members pay fees to join or some area visitors bureaus pay the fees on their behalf (currently Delaware County has 10 members). The organization conducts visits to the restaurant locations before a member is approved. Each member restaurant is exceptional, as determined by on-site assessments and tastings.

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