Garfield Statue Trail – Delaware County

Garfield Statue Trail – Delaware County

Garfield Statue Trail – Delaware County

Looking for more ways to have fun with Garfield in Muncie and Delaware County? Great! How about a selfie with each of the Garfield celebration statues? Have fun discovering all of the different theme painted statues.

Click here for a printable map of the statue locations.

The Story of the Garfield Statues in Delaware County, Indiana.

Delaware County Indiana is fortunate to be the home of Jim Davis, creator of the famous lasagna eating cat Garfield. Garfield turned 25 in 2008 and that summer Muncie threw him a birthday celebration. Twenty-five not-for-profit organizations joined together to commemorate his birthday. Jim Davis and Paws’ artists worked with Sculptor Brian Kishel to create the Garfield Sculpt.

Then, each not-for-profit found a sponsor to purchase the sculpture, and commissioned a local artist to decorate it in a unique and ingenious way reflecting the fat cat’s personality and the theme chosen by the not-for-profit. The finished statues were then signed by the local artists, as well as by Garfield creator, Jim Davis.

Several of these still remain in Muncie. They are located in private and public spaces. As for those in public space visitors and locals alike see the wonderful photo opportunities they create.

Stop by the Muncie Visitors Bureau to find additional Garfield items for sale.

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