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Made in Muncie Pottery

Made in Muncie Pottery is located in Downtown Muncie, IN. We are a Contemporary Pottery Studio and Gallery Space.

Walk-ins Welcome – No appointment necessary and plenty of options that range in price from $5 to over $100.

Parties – Call or email to schedule your next event today. Enjoy our party room which is for groups of 10 and above.

Food and Drink encouraged anytime at our studio. After items are glazed/painted there is a one week turn around time. After 3pm on the day you painted the previous week your new treasure will be ready.

Join us at our studio to create a lasting memory today!

Let There Be Art

Let There Be Art! is an art studio that specializes in painting parties! Come create your masterpiece! Come have fun – we’ll clean up!

Garfield Statues of Muncie

Delaware County is fortunate to be the home of Jim Davis, creator of that famous lasagna eating cat Garfield. Garfield turned 25 in 2003 and that summer Muncie threw him a birthday

celebration. Twenty-five not-for-profit organizations joined together to commemorate his birthday. Jim Davis and Paws’ artists worked with sculptor Brian Kishel to create the Garfield Sculpt: A 48-inch masterpiece molded in rigid polymer and situated on a 31-inch base.

Then, each not-for-profit found a sponsor to purchase the sculpture, and commissioned a local artist to decorate it in a unique and ingenious way reflecting the fat cat’s personality and the theme chosen by the not-for-profit. The finished statues were then signed by the local artist, as well as by Garfield creator, Jim Davis.

Several of these still remain in Muncie. They are located in private and public spaces. As for those in public space visitors and locals alike see the wonderful photo opportunities they create.

Map of Garfield statues.


Wait For Me

Bronze statue by artist Paul Moore. 1999.

Virgin Mary and Child Jesus

V. Morodor made the Statue of Virigin Mary with Baby Jesus in 1951. Located in a triangle between sidewalks at St. Mary School. The statue is part of the school’s ‘May Crowning’ ceremony.

Untitled William Pruett Sculpture

William Pruett’s steel design to the north of the College of Architecture and Planning building on Ball State University’s campus. Ca. 1974

Two Laughing Children Playing

A bronze fountain on a concrete base on the west side of the E.B. and Bertha C. Ball Center. Two children sit opposite one another in a round basin, one laughing and the other hiding its face from the water. The sculpture is signed “Grace Halen Talbot.”

Spirit of the American Doughboy

A bronze sculpture on a limestone base by E.M. Viquesney. World War I soldier, dressed in uniform, walking forward. He is holding a grenade up in his right hand and a rifle in his left hand. Copyrighted 1934, dedicated 1939.


Richard Kishel mad this fiberglass statue of Jesus in front of the Fountain Square United Methodist Church of Muncie. The statue was put in place in 1981.