Museums and Gardens

Muncie Public Library

Carnegie Library, 301 E. Jackson St., Muncie
Connection Corner, 1824 E. Centennial Ave., Muncie
Kennedy Library, 1700 W. McGalliard Rd., Muncie
Maring-Hunt Library, 2005 S. High St., Muncie

Oakhurst Gardens

Experience the wonderment of Oakhurst Gardens, located along the banks of the White River. Oakhurst includes six acres of gardens and the renovated 1895 home of George and Frances Ball and their daughter, Elisabeth. Oakhurst provides a tranquil backyard setting for the study and appreciation of the natural world around us. Visit Discovery Cabin, a hands-on information station with many resources to help you explore the gardens. Oakhurst Gardens is open year round.

Rinard Orchid Greenhouse

The Rinard Orchid Greenhouse is the largest university-based collection in the United States. The diverse display includes approximately 1,900 plants, with over 300 genera, 1,000 species and 700 hybrid orchids and poison arrow frogs, displayed in a tropical environment.