Arts and Culture

Will O’ The Wisp

The fountain is located at the end of the Colonnade Garden at Oakhurst. The Colonnade Garden was constructed in 1993 and 1994. This garden also includes the Colonnade Gates and the Colonnade Columns. The sculpture shows a girl standing on the back of a turtle. The back of the shell is signed, “Edward Borse, Sc, Gorham Co., GFC Foundries.” The statue is owned by Ball State University.

Wishing Well

Wishing Well Garden MuncieThe Wishing Well was once the focal point of a garden on the grounds of the Frank C. Ball home. It was purchased in Venice by Mr. and Mrs. Ball. The maker is unknown. Following the 1967 fire, the Wishing Well was moved to the home of Alexander and Rosemary Ball Bracken in Westwood. Mrs. Bracken was the daughter of Frank C. and Elizabeth Brady Ball.

After Mrs. Bracken’s death, her Westwood home was given to Ball State University for use as the university president’s home. The bronze Wishing Well was given to Minnetrista in April 1998.

X Notion, Like a J

A steel sculpture by Lila Katzen (1926-1998). Gifted to Ball State University by Mr. and Mrs. Sidney M. Feldman 1978.